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Racing Sims / Racing community event
February 26, 2023, 10:59:33 AM
Hello all!

I have a racing wheel that I rarely use so am looking for an excuse to break it out more often so am going to put forward a suggestion for a little community competition/event(s). This is not restricted to just those with wheels, it's just I happen to have one and want to use it more. All the details are not finalised and I only have a rough idea of the type of thing to do but I welcome input!

I am thinking something along the lines of:
* A month long event where each week we have 1 track that everyone tries to set their fastest lap on
* At the end of the week, let's say Sunday evening, people post their best time to the forum and we see who has won that weeks track

There is no need for people to all be online at the same time to do this, people can do it in their own time. Hopefully it makes it easier and open to more people as we don't need to agree to a set schedule.

The game(s) and the tracks are up for discussion. I have quite a few racing games already so I don't mind what it is.
We could even say we try a different game each week, something like Asseto Corsa Competizione one week, Dirt 2 the following so we mix up the driving styles entirely.
Hello all!
As per discussions on Discord I've been thinking about trying to do an online CSGO DEAGLE tournament for a while and figured may as well gauge the interest and preferred structure.

For those that don't know, the usual LAN structure is a 2v2 bracket structure. We have done single and multi elim in the past I believe, so everyone gets to play everyone. For an online tournament I am wondering what peoples preferred structure would be. I've given a few options but if there's anyone else people would like to do, throw it out there. I want to try and avoid this being a really long drawn out affair though to ensure that it gets finished.

For all we options we will try and seed the teams the best we can.

* Single elim or double elim - People play their bracket game, if they win, they progress to next bracket to play the winner of another bracket, etc..etc.. pretty standard tournament structure. Double elim, you drop down to losers bracket to play a final game before potentially exiting.
* Round robin - Everyone plays everyone. This would comprise of a few rounds where teams face off.

A little mini league
* Could do home and away matches, record points for a win, number of rounds won/lost like goal difference to act a decider if needed or a deciding match to be played in any ties.

* Anyone have any preference for maps? I personally quite like that warehouse one we already play (aim_deagle7k) but am open to suggestions. Might be worth doing something else to separate it from the usual LAN event.

A few I have found:
Deagle Xfire -
Aim Deagle -
Aim deagle fun -
Aim 2v2 -

I believe the config can be edited to set the primary starting and secondary weapons so any map that doesn't explicitly say deagle should still work.

What would best suit people - we try and get all the games done in a single weekend. Everyone is online, we play in turns, could stream to Discord etc.. We only have the one server so we'd have to wait for a game to finish for the next to start.
We spread this out over a short period. The matches are drawn, it's up to the teams to arrange a time to play amongst themselves. We would need to keep this tight to avoid matches taking a long time to play and ensuring that the tournament ends.

If you are interested if you could put your name down so I can get a rough idea on participants and this might help decide the structure we go with.
I'm just curious what peoples habits are. Myself for the longest time have always left the PC on 24/7x365 (unless away on holiday or away overnight etc..). I would reboot it every now and again but other than that it never got turned off. With the price of energy going up I decided for the last few weeks to start turning off in the evening to see how much I could save.

So, do you:
1. Leave it on 24/7x365
2. Turn it off every night/when not in use
3. I used to leave it on all the time but now I turn it off
It's my Birthday! / dMw annual awards
December 27, 2021, 03:53:54 PM
I appreciate floating this idea on the 27th of December is not ideal but I will throw it out there anyway as it could be something to do next year? Not sure what this would look like exactly or how to go about celebrating it, could badges be given?

A 'fun' idea I had earlier was, like we do for the lan with helping hand award, game winners etc.. it could be fun to do something on an annual basis where community members win awards for various things that they have contributed to/done throughout the year. I don't have an exhaustive list of award categories, but could use this space to gather some more. Some of the ones I could think of where things like:
* Most active forum member
* Author of most active forum thread
* Organised the most community activities/game nights/sessions
* Shared the most useful/topical news/links/freebies or whatever else (basically Rizzy award).
* Helping hand (outisde of lan)

Would be easy enough to collect the votes with an annon survey and the categories provided, allowing people to vote for whoever they wish.

I think, in short, dMw should have their own version of the Dundies.
It's my Birthday! / Battlestation thread!
October 16, 2021, 03:57:55 PM
I enjoy a good old desk/case gallery (OCUK) or Battlestation ( thread and thought I should start one here, so here goes.

Post your gaming setup! I'll go first.

Hey all,
As I mentioned on Discord, I have rented a GTA5 server to mess around with for a little while, with some help from Sparko we have managed to tweak things and have a better understanding of how custom servers work.
My plan with it was to do some street races so I have added a very handy street racing addon.
Racing works like so:
  • Someone starts a race by doing press T and in the text box typing /race record
  • They open the in game map and double click on the map to enter a check point, much like you would a waypoint.
  • You add all the check points you want to create your race course
  • Once complete, you press T and do /race start [amountNumber] [optionalNumber]
  • The [amountNumber] is how much it will cost to enter the race
  • The [optionalNumber] is how long after doing /race start the race begins
  • Anyone wanting to enter the race goes to the starting position and presses E to join
  • Race starts after the timer
  • Winner takes the money

The server has been setup with some additional role play addons. These do serveral things:
  • It allows you to create your own character when starting.
  • You get a starting amount of cash and money in the bank, both configurable.
  • You go and buy a car from Simeons car garage
  • You can customise it as you would normally in GTA Online
  • Cars are saved to the garage you take it to
  • I can add custom cars and am in the process of adding some, such as an Audi A6, a Lambo, several Ferraris and more.
  • A handling mod to make the cars feel different from each other.

By having the above elements, it means we can race for money and upgrade our cars or buy new ones when we earn enough.
For anyone that runs out of money(and doesn't want to do an in game job to earn more), I can easily give them more via admin commands so they can continue to race if they so wish.

On top of the street racing, the server also has jobs you can do. These jobs include, police, ambulance, delivery driving, mining, fishing, butchering, banking and half a dozen more. These will award you with in game money for doing them. So if you wanted to earn a bit more money to do up you car as the races aren't going well, you could do these, or just let me know you need additional money to compete.

With the police job, there is potential for those who take up the police job to try and stop those from racing and make the racing more difficult. Police have spike strips!

The server is 32 player and we can have more than one racing happening at any given time.

In order to join the server, an additional download is required:
This will provide a server browser in order to be able to join as well as allow all the custom server addons to work.

The IP address is:
No password, but it is hidden from public view.
Good day all,
As quite a few people seem to have Humble Bundle subs and have no doubt picked up Soul Calibur this month, along with those who already have it, I thought it would be fun to do a little tournament.

If you are interested please put your name down here and I can see how many people are interested. It will probably run for a month or so to allow all the games to be played as not everyone can play everyday and I want it to be open to as many as possible.

Initial thought on format was a league, with games being a best of 3 matches, which are best of 3 rounds. 3 points for a win, with wins / losses recorded in the table. In the event of a draw 1st and 2nd place can play each other.
I am open to any ideas for format, I don't play fighting games at all so if there is a better way just let me know!
Hi all,
Floated an idea around on Discord but will post it here. Trying to gauge how much interest there would be in a small Apex tournament. We can't do custom games/own server but I was thinking something along the lines of:
* Get list of people who are interested
* Randomise the squads
* 5 games to be played over 1(2?) weeks

Use a points based system to determine the winner, something roughly like:
* 10 points for winning
* 5 points per kill
* 5 points per RESPAWN of a teammate
* 3 points per revive
* 2 points per 100dmg per player

Trying to think of a balance between not just winning, but rewarding kills, keeping your team alive, and doing what is the equivalent of assists through damage done. Points for respawns could be higher as this is difficult to do, especially in the latter stages of a game.
As a tiebreak could take the times of all 5 matches and whoever has the most points in the least amount of time as the decider?

If you are interested put your name down so I can see how much interest there is and if you have any ideas on the scoring system feel free to add them here.
Battlefield V / BFV - Frustrating tank gunner bug
December 30, 2018, 12:04:28 AM
Has anyone else had to deal with trying to kill tank gunners and bullets seemingly passing through them? This is starting to break me >.<

For those that don't know Quake Champions free until the 18th, if you get it now it is yours to keep beyond that. It's a great game, plays really nicely, fast, competitive, highly recommend it.
It's my Birthday! / DMW Twitch channel
December 29, 2016, 02:52:35 PM
For supporting members I made a post in the private forum with details. This is just to get attention of those that don't always check there and the non-supporting members.
I created a DMW twitch channel with the intention of allowing individuals to stream the games they are playing. There are a few reasons for this.
1. DMW play a lot of different games so allowing people to stream something would provide insight to a game that not all community members are playing
2. We have a twice yearly lan and have tournaments there. Allowing attendees to stream the tournaments would allow those not in attendance to watch
3. There are tournaments outside the lan such as the Christmas CSGO one that is due to be played today so would allow those who cannot make it or don't typically play the game to still watch it at a time that is suitable for them.

The channel is at

For any supporting members that wish to make use of it I will provide the pw on the private members thread.
Counter-Strike / Another potential FPS fix
October 10, 2016, 09:40:24 PM
I have had this problem with CSGO for a while now and at the lan I noticed a bunch of other people with similar issues so I have a work around. If you use cl_showfps 1 when loading the game and it isn't 120 in the menu (it is capped to 120 in the menu by default) then you probably have the same issue I do. If you alt tab out and then straight back into the game it seems to fix it. Your FPS should now say 120 and you shouldn't be suffering from low fps in game either. Not sure on how to fix this for good as searching for a solution all I can find is the opposite happening, alt tabbing out and back in messes it up.
Counter-Strike / Grenade throws
September 22, 2016, 03:39:40 PM

Seems a great little site for learning the spots to throw grenades.
Counter-Strike / de_mirage smokes
July 09, 2016, 02:44:40 PM
I have grabbed some screenshots of some pretty easy smokes to do on mirage. There are way more but start simple. I figure these may be useful reference for those wanting to do competitive more often. To try and work on some actual executions at times and hopefully make it easier to get some rounds as t's! I will grab more for other maps if people are interested.


CT - Need to jump as you throw this one


Window room/jungle(?)
Counter-Strike / CSGO Sound settings
January 07, 2016, 10:18:41 AM
This appeared in the CSGO subreddit and thought some of you may be interested in it

It provides a meaning to a lot of the sound settings in CSGO and the best way of setting them up.
The book for January 2016 is The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
Counter-Strike / Rushing
December 14, 2015, 09:35:37 PM
Either enforce the rule or remove it. Every single day I get shot in the back by someone rushing through our spawn and behind us when we still have the bomb and all that is done is the message is spammed in chat. This is pointless, so either remove this rule or start slaying people for it. It doesn't matter if it is the round after, if they ruin the round for opposing team then they should sit out the next. If that isn't done then simply forget the rule and allow it and we can adapt to it and start expecting it to happen.
The book for October is Hyperion by Dan Simmons

If you finish before the end of the month feel free to post your thoughts.
Here we can talk about last months book. I believe there was talk of a Google hangout or similar to discuss it also? Until then we can keep the discussion here. I will post news on any other discussions around this book when I know more.

I will add my comments about it shortly.
Counter-Strike / Temp CSGO Server setup
September 04, 2015, 05:31:04 PM
So, without trying to offend anyone (yes I know this is unusual for me) I have a temp server. The last few nights boomer has been worse than usual at least for me anyway. We have ongoing investigation into why this is but in the mean time we still have a huge turn out each night, I had to queue yesterday for quite some time to get on as it was full. Until we have a concrete answer I feel this is a minor stop gap and in no way a permanent move. I have added the same mods and restrictions that are in affect on Boomer so it shouldn't be to different (it is 128 tick though). I know we had pnuts test server up but for a few people this was unplayable due to ping, as this is UK based I hope this isn't an issue.

The IP for server is as said it's 128 tick and it is 20 man so we have 2 extra slots. I am not trying to step on anyone's toes with this, I just want the game to be more playable then it is and this can give us time to try and find a solution on our home.