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Star Citizen Gameplay cut of their New CitizenCon 2019 Demo with the Carrack, Pisces, microTech, New Missions, Dynamic Weather, Jump Points and a New Star System, Pyro.


[FONT=&]Features for Update 3.8[/FONT]

  • [FONT=&]SSOCS v1
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Planet Tech v4
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Platform Persistence
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Mole (Straight to Flyable ship)
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Anvil Pisces (Straight to Flyable ship)
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Anvil Carrack (3.8.x)
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
[FONT=&]Features for 2020[/FONT]

  • [FONT=&]Prison Gameplay
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Dynamic. Weather
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Full Server Persistence
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Continuous Quality of Life improvements
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
  • [FONT=&]Pyro System
  • [/FONT][/COLOR]
[FONT=&]Features for 2021[/FONT]

  • [FONT=&]Server Meshing[/FONT]
Sit with Tony Zurovec as He explains what it takes to deliver a thriving economy and NPC driven behaviours.  Leading to a system full of life and meaning regardless of the Players presence. A true living Universe awaits.
This is pretty awesome...

Following the Forbes magazine hit-piece on Chris Roberts, Morphologis has put together a very interesting video that compares the development of Star Citizen against other AAA games in an effort to put the very common misconceptions around the amount of money spent and the time it has taken to get to where it is in perspective...bit of an eye-opener!

I'll let the videos speak for themselves...


Yes, CIG have been working on R&D for a procedurally generated cave system, and the following video from Bored Gamer summarises the latest ATV which gave a sneak peek at it:

DMW Pilots Lounge / Star Citizen Tutorial Videos
March 07, 2019, 01:18:46 PM
CIG have put out a new series of videos to help get newbies started in the game.  There are 7 videos in the series and all are about 5 minutes or less each.

At least one of them will already be out of date when 3.5 drops in a couple of weeks, but I guess that as the videos are quite short, they should be able to change the out of date sections quite quickly.

I'd recommend watching them, even if you're already up to speed with things, as they are quite amusing (the voice-over is hilarious), and you may just learn something you didn't already know.

Start here:
[video=youtube;3t2bNZQqDsg]  siRph7ezG[/video]
3.3.5 is on the PTU and is available to Evocati and Subscribers and Concierge - likely to drop in the next few days according to some sources...

Hurston to Space Timelapse (this was before the latest patch in which Hurtson now revolves on its axis).

And here's another video showing the sunset and sunrise over Lorville:
If you've been following the development, you should be aware that Face Over IP (FOIP) has been implemented into the game from patch 3.3 onwards.

If you're not aware of this, this feature enables your character's face to mimic your real world expressions, e.g. if you blink, your character blinks, if you talk, your character's lips move in sync with yours, if you smile, your character smiles, if you nod, your character nods, etc. (you get the picture) - see the video below for some hilarious examples!

The feature requires a webcam to work, and while you can use practically any webcam (I've tried my trusty old Microsoft LifeCam, and that works OK), the results aren't amazing, especially if you're in a darkened room and the only light available is coming from your PC's monitor.

So, CIG have teamed up with Faceware Technologies, the company who have provided the tech ( and the company is developing an RSI-branded motion sensor which has some advantages over a standard webcam, namely it runs at 60fps (most webcams top out at 30fps) making it sync up your facial expressions much more accurately, but it also excels in low-light conditions where a standard webcam fails.

This is the comparison between webcams and Faceware's own motion sensor, running in a complete dark room:


I haven't seen CIG pushing this device just yet, and at the time of writing this, I don't believe the device is ready for sale, but you can sign up for notification of the progress here:

For those of you who would like to know a bit more about the tech behind this feature, BoredGamer has put up a good video of the panel at CitizenCon where it was showcased:


The Shipyard / Anvil Aerospace Hurricane
October 15, 2018, 01:47:37 PM
The Shipyard / Aegis Hammerhead (Corvette)
October 15, 2018, 01:43:34 PM