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How do I add my ships to the Fleet tool?  I've tried using my forum credentials, but it doesn't seem to want to let me in?
Hi guys!

Obsydian/Paul here.  A time-honoured member of the older generation of gamers (I turned the big 50 recently), I've worked in IT all my adult life and played games as and when I can.

Married amd a father of 4 kids (all now rapidly getting older themselves), I'm starting to get back into gaming a bit more.

Having grown up in the era of single player games and where the only  contact you had with other members of multi-player games was via in-game  chat or bulletin boards (remember those?), this is only the second gaming community that I've ever been a part of, my first being an EVE Online corporation (I stopped playing EVE once I'd heard of Star Citizen as SC was looking like the sort of game I thought EVE was going to be before I installed EVE and found out you couldn't get out of your ship!), so I'm probably going to be quite quiet to begin with (on comms at least - I plan on being a bit of a forum whore :D).

I don't really play many other games, but used to spend a lot of time in WoW before moving on to EVE, where I ran 4 accounts for a number of years.

Anyway, I was hoping to make the move from EVE to SC with my old Corp mates, but they don't seem to be budging and the few who have joined are not particularly active, so I went in search of a new community that I could join.  One that is active, enthusiastic about SC yet relaxed enough not to kick me if I don't put in an appearance for a while.  I've looked at many organisations within the game and their respective websites and forums, looking for something that feels right, and I think I've found it in you guys!

I am the main organiser of the Star Citizen UK meetup group and promote that wherever I can.  I am a Grand Admiral (don't ask!) and am so hyped about this game that the guys at work actively try to steer clear of the subject of gaming, space ships or sci-fi in general for fear of sparking me off! :rolleyes:  Still haven't managed to convert anyone though (probably the glint in my eye puts them off...).

So, if you'll have me, I'll be happy to join your ranks and slowly find my way around, and look forward to joining you on comms at some point and hooking up for some co-op fun in Arena Commander.