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Started by Penfold, August 07, 2009, 08:05:18 PM

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CoD4 & Black-Ops
Game Leader - Blunt
Game Admins - lionheart, DuVeL, Whitey, target, BrotherTobious, Soon Jung, Snokio, Othbarty, KKND, Sparko

Game Leader - Sn00ks
Game Admins - OldBloke, Liberator, Benny

Arma III

Game Leader - BrotherTobious,
Game Admins -Tutonic, Sparko, Chaosphere, Twobad, Liberator,

Game Leader - Jamin
Game Admins - OldBloke, BigFatCat, Deetz, Lameduck, Aquilifer, Romus, Seany, Dee_Slider, Slider46, B0D3K, Easyed, Anthony (Focusmad), Iron, Mille Sabords, Somebody, Spudgun55, Vobler

Battlefield 3
Game Leader -Ninja_Freak
Game Admins - lionheart, RizZy, Vargen, TwoBad, Fazer Erazer, ArithonUK, .DickDastardly.

World of Warcraft (DMR)

Guild Master - JonnyAppleSeed
DMR Officer - TeaLeaf, Whitey, Michelanio

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Game Leader - Sparko
Game Admins - Blunt, Snokio

Counterstrike : Global Offensive
Game Leader - Blunt
Game Admins -  Snokio, Sparko,  no peanuts, Browne, pesteh, SloWHanD, Dexterous.

Forum Moderators
A list of the forum moderators (and game admins) can be found HERE
(Formerly: ThePENDRAGON)