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Started by TeaLeaf, November 02, 2003, 06:26:02 PM

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You only see this post if you have not logged in to your dMw forum account.

If you have an account, please log in and you will be able to see the game server & Discord invite details.

If you do not have a dMw forum account, please Register and Acitvate a forum account - it's free!  Once you are logged in you will be able to see the game server & Discord invite details.
Remember: Registration grants you access to our community game servers and teamspeak server and this ensures that only members join our servers, thus preventing abusive and destructive 'public' types spoiling the gaming enjoyment of other members of the Dead Men Walking community.

However, access is a privilege, so by registering you agree to behave in a responsible and mature fashion and adopt the standards of the community.   Please do not give the password to any one else - if someone wants the password then all they have to do is register here on these forums and they will have access.  If they do not wish to pay us the courtesy of abiding by our rules then we don't want them on our servers.

GL & HF.
The Admins.
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