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Started by TeaLeaf, November 02, 2003, 09:45:40 PM

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Dead Men Walking Community

Member Standards
All Members of our community must adhere to the following standards.  Violations of these standards may result in removal of your community privileges.  The standards have been put in place to keep the atmosphere within the Dead Men Walking community at a satisfactory level and to maximise the enjoyment you gain from your Membership.

Language & Behaviour
Members should maintain a professional level of conduct at all times. Please keep your language and behaviour in the forums, on the servers and on the TeamSpeak/Ventrilo servers at that same level.

Understand the Dead Men Walking Ethos
Project a mature attitude at all times. Put your team before yourself. Play fair.

A big part of what makes Dead Men Walking what it is today is the sense of community people feel with each other. As part of this community, you should work to resolve and help fix problems you see in-game that are contrary to our philosophy. If you see something that doesn't seem to work properly or fit in with this then please let us know.

Acceptable Use Policy
All Members must adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy on our forums and servers.  

Server Password
We regularly play on password protected servers to maintain the integrity of our tactical and team-based style of play. The password thread  is ONLY visible to registered forum members. Under no circumstances should any registered player pass details of a server password to any other person (if somebody wants the password it only takes seconds to register  on the forum). Violation of this rule is taken very seriously and will invariably lead to a ban.

Make sure you enjoy your Membership of this community.  If it isn't fun then you should probably try something different!

Thank you for reading this far. Please now read the following:

Our Forum Standards and Acceptable Use Policy
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