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Started by TeaLeaf, January 22, 2013, 09:45:40 PM

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A big part of what makes dMw what it is today is the sense of community people feel with each other. As part of this community you should treat all other members with respect and report problems you see in-game that are contrary to the dMw ethos.


All players should hold a mature level of conduct at all times so keep your language in the forums, on the servers and when using voice comms in line with this.

dMw Council feel that now is an appropriate time to repost this excerpt from the General Gaming Standards which have held the community in such good stead for so many years.  Recently we've seen the conduct of some members (particularly via voice-comms) slip to below an acceptable level and this is something that all dMw Members need to be aware of so that we maintain the quality of our gaming environment.      In the last 2 weeks we've seen complaints about bad language from at least three of our supported games and we therefore know that this is not an isolated problem in any single game.

We've asked all Game Leaders to take a lead in this respect and to moderate Member behaviour where appropriate.   Members are asked to please maintain a mature level of conduct in their gaming communication.     For clarification:

-we do not wish to see written profanity anywhere on the forums or in-game under any circumstances
-we do not wish to hear regular profanity via in-game voice comms or on our voice comms server

(we know some games have swearing from NPCs built in, we're talking about what we choose to write or say!)

By our own human nature people will slip up from time to time, but usually those transgressions are immediately followed by a quick apology for the momentary lapse.  Remember, our own behaviour helps create the environment within which we game and it also guides the impression that new members receive when they visit our community for the first time.  

In seeking this reasonable standard of communication we do not want to become the grammar police and we still want people to have fun.  However being an mature & adult community does not mean that anyone has the right to regularly converse in a XXX-rated manner to the exclusion of others.  

-Many of our members game using speakers and a desk mic, so any voice comms can be broadcast well outside the intended dMw audience.   Anyone with children will appreciate this sentiment.  
-Many members will have their wife/husband/gf/bf listening in and their impression of dMw might be guided entirely by what they hear on our voice comms.
-As importantly, many members themselves do not wish to game in an environment regularly littered with obscenities.

Yes we're slightly more tolerant after the 9.00pm watershed on our voice comms server, but our standards remain and Members need to remember to respect other Members of the community and their sensibilities.  

We want people to feel comfortable and at home within dMw, so please make an effort to adhere to these standards in communication with others, whether on forums, text channels of our voice comms server, or any other media associated with dMw.

Thank you.

dMw Council
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