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Started by Aquilifer, November 01, 2017, 08:40:46 PM

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Hi all

Some might remember me. Haven't been around here for some years. Bought a new computer and decided to stick the wheel back in and join some racing.

That was the good news...(or bad depending who you ask)

Installing my G27 wheel in Windows 10 turned out to be bit problematic. Windows and Logitech control center claimed I had some old wheel with only 2 pedals and no H-shifter. Common problem apparently. Managed to get it sorted some way with Youtube videos. Much worse problem is that the steering wheel leather (fake?) coating is rotting/disintegrating in some parts. It is sticky and my hands get black now. Maybe I should have taken care of it somehow (oiled it with some lotion frequently? :g: ). Any ideas and is it totally "foobar"?


Hi ya mate, nice to hear from you!

Hmm that wheel problem is an odd one, I have not heard of that before.  There is some wear and tear on my wheel leather (g27 too) but no heavy disintegration like that.  I think it is supposed to be actual leather.  Perhaps it dried out from not being used or some thing like that.  Have a look at this thread I found.  Maybe some proper Leather conditioner would help.

Hope you can get it sorted, it would be great to have you on for some racing with us again.  Hope your enjoying your new PC!


Nice to see the return of gamers, with kept your room as is and the fire on mate, pull up a chair and see you on there servers.
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Hey matey. Welcome back :byebye:
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Thanks for the link. I had looked only for where to get a new replacement steering wheel for it.

I tried to clean it with mild dishwashing liquid. It got bit cleaner partly, but to do it properly I have to remove the steering wheel. Yesterday my arm got tired when I tried to avoid the stickiest part and my grip to the wheel was bit awkward