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What's Taking So Long?

Started by Obsydian, May 17, 2019, 01:33:58 PM

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Following the Forbes magazine hit-piece on Chris Roberts, Morphologis has put together a very interesting video that compares the development of Star Citizen against other AAA games in an effort to put the very common misconceptions around the amount of money spent and the time it has taken to get to where it is in perspective...bit of an eye-opener!



Some of us discussed this at the LAN.   Ignoring some of the 'journalistic spin' of some aspects of the Forbes article to make it a nicer read, I'm fairly sanguine about the whole thing.  It's effectively a kickstarter, and it has been since launch.   I know there is an ultimate risk of nothing coming out the other end of the process, but that's the choice you make when you back a game's development rather than buying the 'completed' game from a publisher.   I used quotes around 'completed' because let's face it, when was the last time you can remember that a released game was actually finished at the date of release?

That having been said the video is a nice alternate perspective on the situation.
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