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2020 Dutch F1 Grand Prix

Started by albert, May 18, 2019, 01:10:22 PM

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Just in case you want to do the practice day in NL and it's only 20 miles from Amstedam, could it with perhaps a BBQ at my place one day :rolleyes:
Cheers, Bert


That sounds like an excellent plan :thumb:
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Well worth keeping an eye on for a trip, thank you! :thumbsup:
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I would like that indeed!:flirty::cheers:
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For sure there will be a few going from this area (friends etc.) and I expect the trick for the VIP ticket practice day isn't well known here. The circuit is a 30 minute cycle from my house. With a few nice pubs en route.

There are plenty hotels but of course they'll be well booked early I expect.
Cheers, Bert