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Started by Sparko, July 08, 2019, 11:21:34 PM

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Was wondering if any of you racing guys have picked up KartKraft?

Its currently on offer on steam if it interests anyone.  I’ve spent a few hours on it recently and seems pretty decent, still in early development and no multiplayer yet though but it’s in the pipeline.

Website is here

Seems quite a tidy game/sim and is quite intense


Yeah this one has been on the edge of my radar.  Looks like is getting plenty of love on Steam, which is a good indication they are on the right path (and nice to hear you are enjoying it).  Don't know that any of us regular racers have picked it up yet.  But one to keep an eye on for sure.  I might take a look when they add multiplayer.

You can let us know about any major news/ progress with this one!

PS, if you have a wheel set up and are up for a bit of fun racing, wink wink, you know where we are :thumb: :racing: