CitizenCon 2019 - New Game Mode: Theatres of War

Started by Obsydian, November 24, 2019, 06:45:08 PM

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I think the value of such a mode is if you as a player want to utilise more of the ships, vehicles, weapons armour that the PU has locked behind progression then you can jump in here.

If they have other ways where the rewards of playing this mode translate to the PU as rewards then it will also potentially get more people who don't necessarily like RPG games all the time into the PU as they can utilise their rewards.

If it runs at 144Hz, I'm in.
Cheers, Bert


Oh man I hope we get some planetside2 vibes from this! Looks awesome, I haven't watched the whole video is it actually nearby or is this a 2021 release?
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