dMw @ Great British Beer Festival 2022 - Friday 5th August

Started by Gortex, July 05, 2022, 04:51:39 PM

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It feels like an age and more ago that we did a trip to wonderful London Olympia for the annual Great British Beer Festival.

The good news is that it is back for 2022 :yahoo: myself and Suicidal Monkey have got tickets for the usual Friday all day session of the festival in the VIP section. Sadly the VIP has sold out now but you can still get normal entry tickets and we can meet up for sinking several beers, ciders, mead or even gin. You never know we might find something really special that we can get a barrel of for the next Lan in the autumn.

Link for the event below and just follow the tabs for the tickets.

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Aww would love to have joined you but one of the kids is having a small operation that day.

I would say have fun but I'm sure you need no prompting :norty:
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