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Started by uni, February 26, 2023, 10:59:33 AM

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Just a heads up that tomorrow @6pm is the end of this weeks track and car so if you want to get a time in or improve your current time, you've still got a little while.


Great first week, loved seeing you all improve.  This car/track will be a challenge! Good luck


Good morning all!

A new week means a new track and car and this week, courtesy of MikeP we have:
Track: Brands Hatch
Car: Praga R1

So you have from today, the 10th April until the 16th April to get some times recorded for the week. Go go go!

Last weeks results
I have updated the spreadsheet with details on the scoring system but will share it here for now.

There is 1 point to be earned for each position you finish up the leaderboard based on the number of participants. As an example, week 1 had 11 different participants so that would be 11 points for first.
In addition to the fastest lap, there are additional points to be earned for each of the 3 sectors. This will follow the same scoring system. That means at the end of week 1 there are:
11 points to be earned for fastest overall lap
Plus, 33 additional points for sectors 1, 2 and 3

The maximum score for week one would be 44

So getting to last weeks result. Congrats to Rabble who got maximum points last week scoring all 44.

Pos   Name                   Points
1   Rabble           44
2   Michael Orvis   40
3   Simagule           34
4   uni                   32
5   MikeP           28
6   -=.dMw.=-Sulky   23
7   Myopic Sniper   23
8   Tunarin           13
9   Milli                   12
10   Chaos           11
11   -=.dMw.=-A Twig   4

Additional info on sectors can be found in the spreadsheet under each week going forwards and also here on SimView. Be sure to select "Qualifying" on the left handside dropdown menu for the table.

On a side note, rabble also did 438 laps on Laguna Seca, with 335 of those being valid. Vastly more than anyone else :D


Well raced all!

I look forward to performing dismally in week 2!

Lot of fun trying to get to grips with this wheel, really enjoying it.

I've grabbed the times for week 1, see below!

All our Gods have abandoned us.


Great job to all!

Rabble earned the victory, although from Chasospheres' screenshot, I should have an extra point for the fastest first sector?

I'm limited on time again this week but I'll be on to post a time this evening, and again possibly Sunday afternoon.

Good luck!


if we're using sectors from the fastest lap, then yes.

SimView also shows the fastest sectors of all laps


Apologies I should have attached screenshots and made it a bit clearer.

As pesteh mentions, the fastest sectors are not from the fastest lap segment. There's a separate section (see pesteh's screenshot) that contains the fastest sectors, I am using this. The reasoning is that I am hoping that it helps close the gap a little bit and makes the overall standings closer and more competitive.


Hi all, anyone mind if I have a go at this?

Not played much of AC, mostly ACC and Dirt Rally 2


Yes mate, crack on! It's open to all of dmw, no need to ask permission, the more the merrier!

We are quite active in the racing section on Discord if you want to hang out there or have any questions, someone will respond. If you want to just put some laps in on your own, no don't feel pressured in to joining the voice chat either. Most are friendly, apart from that rabble, I'd suggest not engaging in conversation with that one.



Good evening all,

We are now in to week 3 so yet another new track and car combo. This week you can all thank Chaos as his picks were:

Car: BMW M3 E92
Track: Barcelona

So from today the 17th April 2023 until 23rd April 2023 go and get some times recorded.

Week 2 Results
As per last week I have updated the spreadsheet with the results from week 2 and will copy here for ease.

Congrats to Rabble for winning week 2, yet again getting maximum points for the best lap time and also the best S1, S2 and S3 times. We had a new contender this week which means the maximum points was 12 for the week. That means Rabble scored 48 in total! Someone needs to remind him to go back to work at some point.

Best lap times

S1 Times

S2 Times

S3 Times

The overall standings after week 2


Hello all. Seems the past week's event was a little quiet.  Looking forward to actually getting on and driving this week - what we doing, and who is around?


Good afternoon all,
Week 3 has now wrapped here and we are now in to the final week. This week the car and track have been picked by pesteh aka rabble:
Car: Porsche 919 Hybrid 2016
Track: Bathurst, Australia

This is a custom/addon track and if you do not have it, link and instructions are in the spreadsheet

You have from today, 24/04/2023 up until 30/04/2023 to get some times submitted so go go go!

Last weeks results
The spreadsheet has been updated with the results and copied here for ease

This week have a tie! Congrats to dMr_Smite and pesteh/rabble who scored 34 points a piece.

Smite setting the best overall laptime and Rabble getting the best S1 and S2 times, S3 goes to Smite.

Best lap times

S1 times

S2 times

S3 times



Thank you for putting this on. I really enjoyed it, I am gutted I couldn't get more sim time for various reasons. I  would like to come back to this again at another time.


Good evening all,
Apologies bit later than usual but here are the results from the final week of the event.

Week 4 winner
This was a close run week this week, just 2 points in it but the award goes to dMr Smite, who I believe put in their best lap at the end of the week. Congrats to dMr Smite!

Overall it was a rather competitive week with racers having their best week yet!

Here is the overall breakdown of standings for the week

And here are the best S1, S2 and S3 times



Hopefully everyone enjoyed this and it was a good reason for me to get my wheel back out which is what I had hoped. So thanks to all that took part!

Going forward

There have been people wanting this to carry on in some form and as not everyone got to pick a track and car combo last time around, I suggest it carries on in the same format and people submit their requests.

Thanksfully the admin page for handling the server is really easy to do and everything can be scheduled in ahead of time so that it changes automatically reducing the manual task of managing it.

So going forwards, if people want to select a car and track please put your recommendations in the spreadsheet and an admin will setup the race and schedule it in on a first come first serve basis. It can run for 1 week before switching to the next one. Custom cars and tracks are allowed and can be found at Race Department here. If you decide to go for a custom car and track please include a link to them from a file sharing service alongside Race Department. Race Department has incredibly slow download times, we are talking 150kb/s and 50+ mins to download  400mb track.