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Great British Beer Festival 2023

Started by Gortex, March 11, 2023, 12:24:55 PM

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The annual Great British Beer Festival is back again for 2023 and as usual in the massive London Olympia building. With over 800 different local UK Beers, Ciders and Perry but also international brews from around the world.

The festival is running over the first week of August so Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th August.

As is also tradition myself and a few other dMw folk will be making the visit to the festival on the Friday 4th August. Beers tasted at the festival and really enjoyed will be looked into and see if we can not get a barrel for the Autumn Lan.

I have got myself the VIP ticket version as this includes in the price. Ticket, £10 beer tokens, Festival glass (3 different types to choose from on the day), Festival program and most importantly separate seating area with tables, chairs. From experience 12 hours of drinking beers on your feet trying to get a table is annoying so the guarantee of a table and sit down is a must. Plus we get to use the table for some simple board / card game fun in between the all important beer tasting.

If you need accommodation in London during the event then you will need to sort this your self. But several of us will likely be staying in various hotels in London for a day or 2 so could always meet up and go visit other attractions in the big smoke etc.

Tickets can be found in the below link. If you want to join us remember were planning the 4th August session.

Confirm to the thread once you have your ticket and will get you added to the list


Gortex +1 - VIP ticket
Albert +1 - VIP ticket
Monkey - VIP ticket
Ghosty - VIP ticket
Faust - VIP ticket
TeaLeaf - VIP ticket
-=[dMw]=- Gortex


I'll be there too.  Ticket already bought.
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Quote from: TeaLeaf;449680I'll be there too.  Ticket already bought.

Is that VIP ticket mate? and just you or is the lovely Dex joining us as well?
-=[dMw]=- Gortex


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