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dMw Awards - Gaming

Started by OldBloke, January 04, 2009, 12:55:34 PM

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Dead Men Walking

Attitude :: Teamwork :: Fairplay

The 'Dead Men Walking' community aims to provide a home for players who revel in mature gameplay of all kinds. We recognise and reward an individual's mature attitude, teamwork and fairplay above their skill level. Dead Men Walking use a system of forum badges called 'Awards' as symbols of achievement. These awards are visible in each member's profile and a full list is viewable here.

Gaming Awards

Where Dead Men Walking have decided that a particular game should be regarded as 'supported' then that game will have its own section and have a senior member designated as its Section Head. The Section Head will closely monitor the behaviour of the players on our servers and, should the qualifying criteria be met, award gaming badges accordingly. Members who have been awarded the game badge are permitted to use the appropriate gaming tag in their player name wherever they chose to play. This in turn helps us promote our style of play and further our reputation. However, Dead Men Walking accepts that our members are allowed to be members of other clans/communities as well so we ask that in such cases you only wear our tag when playing on our servers.

Gaming Awards - Criteria

An award cannot be considered any earlier than 3 months after playing on our servers for the first time.  The member must have consistently demonstrated good teamwork, knowledge and execution of the appropriate rules and guidelines, a mature attitude and an active, quality presence on the forums. Members who demonstrate the qualities we look for will be noticed and will be approached by the Section Head. Existing award holders are encouraged to make their Section Heads aware of anyone they think is showing potential for an award.

Gaming Tags

If you have been awarded a gaming badge then you are entitled to wear that game's tag as part of your player name but only when you are playing that game. You are not permitted to use that game's tag when playing any other game. Dead Men Walking accept that it's advantageous to both players and admins to easily identify members who have been awarded a game badge but are currently playing a supported game where they have no such award. In such cases it is permitted to use .dMw after your player name. You must not use .dMw if you do not have any gaming awards.


Player1 has no gaming awards.
Player2 has a CounterStrike award.
Player3 has CounterStrike and CoD4 gaming awards.

Tags when playing CounterStrike


Tags when playing CoD4


Tags when playing Live for Speed


Gaming Tags - Triallists

There is scope within some of the games we support to incorporate a temporary stage on the way to a full badge award. Players may be approached by the Section Head and asked if they would consider being a triallist for the game award. This could happen at any time but no earlier than 1 month after playing on the server for the first time. Triallists will be allowed to wear a modified gaming tag as part of their player name. This will identify them to others on the server as someone who has the potential to become a full badge holder. Triallists must only use their modified gaming tag on our servers and only those supporting the game being trialled for. The trial period must not exceed 6 months. Triallists who do not succeed in being awarded the game badge will be asked to remove their triallist tag and will not be considered again for a minimum period of 6 months.

Triallist tag CounterStrike: -=[dMt]=-
Triallist tag CoD4: dMt|

Please note that triallists who hold a game award in a different section will be allowed to append their player name with .dMw when wearing their triallist tag.
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